Art Observatorium


CON-TEMPORARY6 - Lavagna, Italy

5 - 20 August 2016

(Un)contemporary art exhibition
CON-TEMPORARY5 - Venice, Italy
5 - 25 August 2015

Ecointegralist art collective exhibition
Villa Spinola Narisano - Genova, Italy

21 November - 13 December 2014


Conceived and born from the organisational effort of the painter Abramo “Tepes” Montini, CON-TEMPORARY - Art Observatorium is a nomadic gallery selecting artists and artworks to be presented in various contexts suitable for predetermined thematics curated by Jizaino, and contextualised in the international artistic panorama.

Like a fellowship, it is finalized to the sharing of the experiences and to the collaboration. We are living epochs of heavy social contrasts, where speculative relativism has crushed ideals and philosophic sentiments favouring an unconditional search for success. Thus it is necessary an intellectual reflection in order to search for an inner determination and a sincere movement from the heart. The cooperation is finalized to the mutual help between people capable and willing to create artworks and events reflecting these intents too.

“CON-TEMPORARY - Art Observatorium” is a temporary and nomadic observatory articulated in a series of exhibitions dedicated to artists which artworks can be contextualized in the actual international artistic panorama, either contemporary and modern.

The selected artworks are making those reference elements with which a knowledge course can be realized, proposing a concise yet composite visual on the modern expressions of contemporary Art. Through the personal visions of the invited artists, either relative to the territorial context and internationally, the sight is turned toward the actual global artistic environment.

As in a Big Bang, contemporary Art started from the explosion of styles and art movements happened in the modern epoch, which fragmented the almost monolithic expression method of the ancient times. Surely, this dispersive process have not exhausted its energy; in fact we are witness also of the slow dispersion of big movements and art fluxes that characterized the history of modern Art. Today the artistic panorama offers such a diversification that the need to discern and to define typical collective features have not much meaning any more: the artists feel less the need to band together under cultural movements. We indeed assist to the birth of new forms of Art, generated by the chasing proliferation of new technologies that become accessible to more and more people; that is also contributing to this big diversification of the expression.

In the contemporary world, and the artistic one in primis, we can notice two noteworthy characteristics: the progressive reduction of intercultural distances, and the strong charge of the transiency, of the instability. In good or evil, they are both complementary expressions of this epoch.
Today the cultural distances are shortening thanks to the possibilities offered by the new communication media, which promote a relation from the base, individual, of the masses.
If the cultural interference can contribute further to the local expressive diversification, in the other hand it determines some kind of standardization at the global level; for this reason, the aim of this exhibition series is to explore a panorama with a heterogeneous expression form, yet coherent with the global culture.
The transiency, the temporariness, it is perhaps one of the primary issues of the globalization, which tends to stress the social tissue with big tensions. The events seem to whirl in a vortex of indetermination and confusion, while people feel more intensely the subjection to the classical locutions of caducity: panta rei, tempus fugit, memento mori. If by one side these cognitions spur to the action, by the other side generate an agitation and an exhaustion that annihilate any effort. So, for these exhibitions artworks are selected for their representation of our times, yet also for their capacity to give an intellectual breath and relief for the soul.

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